Buju Banton Aims to Motivate the Masses With Upside Down 2020

Written by on July 9, 2020

Buju Banton Aims to Motivate the Masses With Upside Down 2020

In a recent interview with King Flexxa, Buju Baton talked about returning back to the stage after a long absence, releasing music during a pandemic, and his mission to motivate the masses. The interview took place via DTLR’s Instagram live, but we’ve captured it and made it available here. Watch the video below:

Buju Banton On the new quarantine life:
“Well, we’re still alive, you know? ‘Cause you know we were buried alive. But, we’re fine, we’re still breathing. We don’t know what tomorrow may bring, but I do have a feeling that it may be something great and spectacular…the storm never lasts.”

Buju Banton On his new album, Upside Down 2020:
So here comes Upside Down 2020 to comfort the masses yah. To give them some motivation through these turbulent times, know what I mean? Yes, 20 brand new exciting tracks to uplift, educate, and stimulate the masses musically; to bring you into a different zone so you can at least formulate new constructive thoughts, and then you go process and go far with it, you know? Jah! Rastafari.”

Buju Banton On how he’s stayed relevant over time:
“I stay natural… I keep it real with the people. I want to be able to communicate with the masses without the troubles of the icon or the superstar…I am a natural man. Due to that nature, I just want live naturally so I can relate to real issues. I don’t want to be far removed from the people. I don’t want to be far removed from the issues, because when you’re far removed you can’t speak about the issues that are affecting the people. Right? So we keep it real.”

Buju Banton On returning to the big stage after serving jail time:
“It was a beautiful feeling. I had been away for so long. But, when I got home, the first thing I do after I got my self settled, I started rehearsing and working out to get my self back in shape on another level…The feeling when I went to the stage, I ‘ve been describing it for the past week and a half, I can’t find other words that replicate the description, it’s still euphoric.”

Buju Banton On supporting rising artists such as the Grammy award-winning Koffee:
“When I was much younger I had the chance to do some opening acts. I had a chance to work with Bryant McKnight, Tony Tony Tony. So I know the importance of always sharing your stage with people, especially people who are in the same genre as I am. Even the international stage was a historic event and I could have never done it without inviting other fellow contemporaries to the scene to make it special. They’re all apart of history and it’s a great thing because that’s what we’re supposed to do. You can’t live for yourself alone.”

Buju Banton On the title for Upside Down 2020:
“All my titles have been inspired. They tell their own story. This one was no different. We finished the album last year in December. The first single was Trust. But, then the direction of the global community was evident for everyone to see by the time we got to April. So basically we went through a Passover. The world went through a Passover…But all this was done. These works were already done, already being mastered, already in the line to be given to the people.”

Buju Banton On releasing music during a pandemic:
Contemplation was whether we should release before or after the pandemic. But I wasn’t with after the pandemic because I know the people needed music and they need it now. I see a whole lot of distraction going on and everybody just trying to take the soul, take the very soul out of people. You’ve not given them a chance to sit there and find their way to make a conscious decision of self-determination. So I wasn’t going to wait to put out music after no COVID virus. I know my people needed music now. We aim to motivate uplift to inspire. I don’t come to add grief upon grief, enough of that.”

Buju Banton On what he stands for as a creator:
“We’re equally created but not equally appointed. Everyone has to find their way. You understand? What might be my calling may not be yours and what might be yours, certainly cannot mine. Find your way, my people. Find your way. I want to promote the concept of black business and black entrepreneurship. I want to promote the value of education. I want to promote the value of unity. I want to promote the value of something we take for granted, love. With these values, we can be a better race of people with no doubt.”

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