Quando Rondo Talks With Angela Yee About The Night King Von Got Killed (Part 1)

Written by on April 12, 2021

quando rondo angela yee

Quando Rondo recently sat down with Breakfast Club’s own Angela Yee for a tell-all interview. As expected, the premise is about the tragic night of November 6th when we lost King Von.

In part 1, we see Rondo and Yee cruising around in a Rolls Royce when he starts to break down the events that unfolded. Rondo says:

“I walked to the car, I tell my brother, I said, ‘it’s this amount to park right here’. I said, ‘I’m not going in the club. Find you a lil female or whatever, you got fifteen minutes. Then I’m dipping. We bout to go to the house,'” said Quando, recalling how his friend who was recently released from prison just wanted to turn up that night. “Lul Tim told me, ‘I’m not about to let you get in no club, I’m not about to let you sit in no car and go to sleep. I’m bout to sit in here and roll up.’ I’m like, ‘alright, bet.’ Now I’m about to walk off and go stand by the other individual that I came with. I’m going to stand by his car until they parked. Soon as they parked, we were gonna park right next to this car cause this is a $250,000 car. I’ma stand right here till they get right here. Soon as they do that, I’m getting in the backseat and I’m going to sleep. I’m with my day-one, my main mans. I can do this. One thing about him, he gone protect me, with anything, which anybody should do! 

I walk from the car, I turn around to walk up and I see a group of people coming. In my mind, I’m just thinking regular, in reality. I’m about to let these people walk past me. I’m not about to try and go through these people or nothing like that. I’m thinking these were some regular individuals. So I’m letting this group come by. Next thing you know, [King Von] hit me! I lie to you not. It’s like I had an out-of-body experience.”

Check out part 1 of the interview below. Stay tuned for the rest, which I’m sure is coming soon.


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