CZ Babyy “It’s Over” Hosted By: Jadakiss [Video]

Written by on February 4, 2021

The way the music scene is being dominated by women right now is all we as women ever asked for (lol). But, on a more serious note… women have been making heavy statements in the hip hop lane in music for the past 15 years. The drought came after Lil Kim was arrested in the early 2000’s and we didn’t take kindly to it because we thought music (hip hop) in general was done for us. We wanted lyrics, bars, catchy, relatable, in the pocket phrases that would want us wanting more from the artist that provided those things and a feeling to go along with it.

CZ Baby is that for me. She rides the beat in a way that can not be compared to anyone past or present artist. She gives range and spits thought provoking bars that has made pay attention to her since I first heard of her hitting the scene. The spaces that women are filling right now aren’t just place fillers but history marks and I’m looking forward to see where this young artist goes. Being an artist in a city like Baltimore which is somewhat forgotten when it comes to BIG business in the music industry with all the politics surrounding the music, party and social scene. CZ has tenacity, grit and a style I feel that is undeniable. As we all know consistency plays a big part in not being forgotten and she’s been keeping us in the know thus far, with her “pretty girl” gang and direct rap lyrics.

I would love for you all to go down the “CZ Baby” rabbit hole. So, let’s start with her new video that was co-signed by legendary hip hop artist Jadakiss. Be sure to follow her to take a look all her other freestyles, videos and keep up with her journey via social media.

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