Long Live Dolph: Paper Route Empire Releases Young Dolph Tribute Album

Written by on January 21, 2022

It still doesn’t feel real that Young Dolph is no longer here. Sadly, that is the case, however, between the fans and his team, there’s no way we’ll ever forget the fallen star.

To kick off the year right and to fully pay homage to the leader of their team, Dolph’s Paper Route Empire crew has released an official tribute album for Dolph. Appropriately titled Long Live Dolph, here’s what PRE CEO Daddyo shared:

“In this life, the measure of a man isn’t what you managed to acquire, it’s how you treated other people” Daddyo said. “Did your life have meaning. Did you give more than you received. We are so grateful that his legacy has been solidified not by what he had, but what he accomplished. Since his passing, the outpouring of love and support has been overwhelming. And for this we are eternally grateful.”

He goes on to praise the artists on PRE:

“Every artist on the label–Key Glock, Jay Fizzle, Moochie Grape, Kenny Muney, Joddy Badass, ChiTana, Big Unc, Snupe Bandz, and Paper Route Woo–were all hand-picked, because beyond talent, he saw in them the same hunger and determination he saw in himself,” he said. “He spent time cultivating them as artists, and mentored them until they discovered their own greatness. Each one is more than ready to fulfill their destiny. And they have the support of this entire Empire behind them.”

While it’ll never be the same, we hope the PRE team continues to thrive and we continue to honor Dolph’s legacy. RIP Dolph! Stream Long Live Young Dolph below.

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