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As we enter into a new season this playlist is full of good music and motivation. New comers and solid artist setting the tone for the cookouts and pregame events. “Paper” by Baltimore Artist A1 Beam is remix to a staple first brought to the DMV when the late “Smash” introduced to what we would […]

We’ve arrived… It’s Autumn or Fall or whatever you want to call it! This playlist is made for the homebodies that like to turn up just a lil bit while they clean the crib. Some of these records that I beat yall over head with on “Pretty Girl Radio” are on this list as well. […]

Queen Naiji & Big Sean Takes The Top Spot on “The Pretty Girl Playlist” [Top 20]…Capella Grey, DJ Aktive, & Kodak Black

Each and every day during Pretty Girl Radio, the one and only Tiara LaNiece hosts her “Make Up Bag Mix” at Noon ET. Today’s mix is full of smash hits, records you may not have heard a ton and everything in between. Today we heard some great jams in particular. This includes King Midas and […]

The Pretty Girl [R&B] Playlist – Top 10

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