Vibe Check | R&B Review: Bryson Tiller’s New Self-Titled Album “Bryson Tiller”

Written by on April 12, 2024

Ok, we have now sat with this new album “Bryson Tiller” for a week and I’m digging it! Bryson has shown up once again with a few bangers that will be deemed as hits by Summer 24′. Let’s start with the artwork… in true Bryson form, he stood true to the gamer in him, giving ‘Tokyo Drift’ vibes. If you know about Bryson’s humble beginnings then you know that being an introvert, in his own space, gaming and making music is how he birthed “Trap Soul”. A young man expressing himself, only through his recordings which he uploaded on SoundCloud. (Ya’ll remember listening to Bryson Tiller there?) Well, if you do then you will appreciate this body of work as well.

Tiara LaNiece, Bryson Tiller, Kierra Wagstaff (left to right) 2015

As an introvert, you’d expect him to be more laid back but during a previous interview with him, I was able to discuss his song-making process and how being outside of himself when recording helps tell his story a bit more. Well, I mentioned ‘Tokyo Drift’ not only to highlight his artwork but to also bring attention to his lyrics (which I focus heavily on when discussing music). Bryson makes mention of the it in the track [RAM] which confirms my take on the artwork. But, not giving up too much of the experience that you will soon enjoy. This is Bryson’s 4th studio album and when I tell you that he has touched every category that we would expect him to at this point in his career, I promise I wouldn’t be lying.

Tiara LaNiece x Bryson Tiller

Let’s go down the ‘track list’!! First, the genius behind “http://” as a title itself… we all know that it is the ‘beginning'(website), the interlude, the introduction… great choice! This is classic Bryson, a little suspense then him telling us that “Attention” is not a bad thing but… BUT! This lady has his attention so much that he loses focus, almost like he’s “drunk in love”. Then, we move onto “Stay Gold” which I find to be a little out of place (sequence was a bit of an issue for me with this project), I would’ve put “Persuasion” directly after “Attention”. I’m still thinking about where I would put “Stay Gold” on the track list but I know it would come right before “Whatever She Wants”. I’ll have a complete sequence of the album (from my perspective by the end of this). Ok, moving to “Persuasion” and this perfect collaboration with Victoria Monet, so suggestive, yet clean and clear… shout out to these RnB staples. “Ciao” you definitely have a time limit to be everything your elevator speech sold. This gives early show vibes in club right before you’ve had your second drink but I’ve added to my travel playlist of the storytelling from an introverts perspective. Very NOT direct, but you have to read in between the lines and if you aren’t able to then BOOM! Refund granted! (lol)

Shout out to the lovers and when I say “LOVERS”, I mean it… the requests for “Undertow” have been very OVERwhelming lol. He’s going to win with this one; when it comes to those who hold fast to the concept of love and the possibility of it being attainable. I know I skipped the “Peace” interlude, that’s all about how I would’ve sequenced these amazing records… so back to it! I love it! We have to come back to it because I’m in sequence mode and I feeling it, the album! Cool, “Rich Boy” should’ve been our introduction to the leading single “Outside” on the album, which I’ve been playing since September 2022′, the vibe that these two records could bring being played in that order, amazing! This album is full of great tunes that will take on a journey that only a true R&B lover could respect. “Calypso”, where do I start?? It’s going to be our summer ‘crossover’ record from this project. I’m looking to all the awards Bryson will be nominated for because of this body of work. “Assume The Position” and the vibes that come with this record, Top 40 for sure… if not then we know what’s going on! This is the perfect album to listen to during the weekend cleaning, family travel and function.

Bryson has done it again!!! Get to your favorite “DSP” now and listen to the self-titled album “Bryson Tiller”… Oh!? Here’s my sequence and how I listen to the project.

  1. http://
  2. Attention
  3. Persuasion
  4. Ciao
  5. Whatever She Wants
  6. No Thank You
  7. Stay Gold
  8. Peace (Interlude)
  9. Random Access Memory
  10. Undertow
  11. Find My Way
  12. Prize
  13. Waterfalls
  15. F4U
  16. Assume The Position
  17. Calypso
  18. Rich Boy
  19. Outside

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