Drake Gets Pranked LOL!

Written by on April 8, 2021

Now we know Drake for being a fun guy but I bet he never expected to be on the opposite end of a prank. The best part is Drake never saw it coming at all. How does one catch Drake “The 6 God” slipping lol. I’m not sure but it’s an instant classic.

TravQue posted an Instagram video that has since gone viral, showing him pulling up on Drake and having the Canadian rapper cover his bar tab.

“Miss, let me get 2000 cases of Virginia Black, 40 cases of Bumbu, and three cases of Tequila and put it on his tab. He said he got it,” TravQue says to the bartender while standing next to a seemingly unsuspecting Drake. “You know who this is right? This is Drake! You know who this is? This is Toronto himself. This is 6 God.”

The comedian then goes on to quote a few famous Drizzy lyrics, saying, “This is ‘b*tches calling’ my phone like I’m locked up nonstop.'”

Drake then replies, “Relax bro. The f**k?”

“‘Let’s see what happens next,” TravQue continues, quoting Drake’s latest hit “What’s Next.”

“‘Ok, ok, ok ok… Let’s see what’s bout to happen next,'” he adds.

Before the clip ends, TravQue doubles down on his initial request, saying, “Put it on his tab. He said he got it alright. Everything… Everything. He said he got it.” However, Drake appears to have had enough by this point as he reaches for TravQue’s camera, telling him to turn it off.

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