The Weeknd Speaks Out W/ ‘Echoes Of Silence’ [Video]

Written by on December 21, 2021

Who knew silence could so loud? Well, clearly The Weeknd did! He just dropped a visual for the title track to his 2011 mixtape Echoes of Silence.

The Weeknd describes how his love interest is sending out a vibe that they would like to take things further and he is transmitting the same but neither one of them are acting on it. We in today’s time all speak about vibes and the way people make us feel and if they would only make a move then things could be so simple. But, on a more honest front if no one acts on their feelings, we remain stagnant. I’m no ‘love doctor’ but what I do know is ‘a closed mouth don’t get feed’. Check out the video and interpret the art as you wish because your point of view may catch a vibe that I didn’t quite get!

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